Then & Now

Here's how things change when companies switch to EasyLocates...

Messy Desk
EasyLocates Process
Integration with local 1-call center
Set up is free and only takes us a minute. This connects your software to your local 1-Call center
No data entry
All of your locate requests information gets automatically pulled into EasyLocates
Track locate dates
Know when locates are expiring, late, and valid compared to your dig window.
Quickly sort your locates
Just click the appropriate heading to drill down to the locates that need your attention.
Multi log-ins for teams
EasyLocates automatically assigns a person to a locate, keeping your team organized.
Multiple job sites on one project
The software quick scans locate documents and can match multiple job sites to one project.
One-click crew package
That's right, one click. We compile all the on-site documents; all you have to do is click print.
Review process
For every locate requests you'll have an opportunity to double check and verify for accuracy.
Import private locate documents
Sometimes you'll get a handwritten locate through fax, that's fine, you can upload it.