How it works

Here's how it works

1. Create your locate ticket with your local 1-call center

Input a locate ticket via your 1-call account per usual, specify your assigned EasyLocates email address as the "contact email"

2. Quickly process locate updates

Log into EasyLocates to quickly process your messages to confirm any locate updates. All the locate info will immediately update on your dashboard so you can see the status of your locates and which ones require attention. No more searching for old emails, spreadsheets or files.

3. Save your crew time when sending out jobsite packages

Digital jobsite packages-all the documents and information related to a locate are stored in one place, a PDF jobsite package is generated that’s available to email or download for your crews. Have private locates? Easily append them to an existing locate request.

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Flexible, smart, team-oriented.

CheckmarkImport private locates or amended requests.

You have flexibility to handle those weird situations, like having to request privates locates, or when you get a handwritten locate through your fax.

Multiple workersFor project managers, office administrators, and anyone else.

The software is designed for teams. This means that locates are automatically assigned to the correct person.

Multiple locationsWe handle multiple job sites for one project.

Sometimes you'll have a project with multiple addresses. EasyLocates is smart enough to figure this out, and track documents accordingly.